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Underground Utilities

                                 Wet Utilities • Dry Utilities • Storm Water Management

Sunrise offers a full array of Underground Utility services, as well as 24/7 Repairs, including:

Wet Utilities

• Water main installation and repair
• Water services installation and repair
• RPPA and DCDA installations
• Fire Hydrants and Fire Risers
• Sanitary Sewer main installation and repairs
• Sewer Manhole installation
• Sewer connections
• Septic tank installation and repairs

Water Main System Installation       Fire Hydrants                    DCDA and RPPA assemblies         Fire Riser

Dry Utilities

• Electrical trenching and Conduit installation and repairs
• Telephone trenching and Conduit installation and repairs

Electrical Trench Install

Stormwater Management

• Box culverts
• Reinforced concrete pipe installation
• Inlet and Manholes
• Retention and Detention Basins

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NV License: 33801A   /   Bonded   /   Insured