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Pavement Maintenance

                      HOA Management  •  Office and Industrial Buildings  •  Retail Centers
                                          Apartment Communities  •  Casino Hotels

Sunrise Enterprises provides premium quality products and professional installation of all key components that are part of a proper asphalt maintenance program, from the smallest repairs to the largest facilities:



       BEFORE                                                                                      AFTER

              BEFORE                                                                                      AFTER

            Red Curbing                                                                               Parking Lots

Pavement Restoration Services include:

• Removal and Replacement
• Pulverization and Re-Pave
• Asphalt Overlays

        Asphalt Overlay

We perform each project in a timely and professional manner, with the needed flexibility to work around your property's schedule.  If you need work done to the highest standards in the industry, by trained, dedicated crews, Sunrise Enterprises of Las Vegas is your choice!

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